I’m making a 99th birthday cake for Evelyn this weekend!

99 years… That’s a lot of cakes! And her favourite is carrot cake, so that’s just what I made.

Of course I had to make it special too since she has a lot of experience with cakes and I want this one to be the best yet!


So I started of with a deliciously spiced, moist carrot cake, then layered it with my favourite cream cheese filling. After masking it and chilling it I covered it in a pale yellow fondant…

Next for the cake (after adding a fondant layer on top of the cake drum) I did a version of cornelli lace around the top edge, bottom edge, and some little spots around the center.

For the flowers I had made sweet peas, and some stephanotis out of gumpaste, so they were all ready to be assembled into a little bouquet.

And after assembling them I finally tied a little ribbon, and added the plaque I made (also out of gumpaste) yesterday. And set them onto my fake cake because I can’t leave the gumpaste in the fridge for too long! So I’ll add them on tomorrow morning before delivery.



And finally (and not related to the birthday cake), just some chocolate cupcakes that I’m adding onto the end of this post that I also made today… Because chocolate is my favourite in any form. Yum.