I’ve been working hard the past few weeks making baked goods for a local farmer’s market!

I’m also working on a wedding cake with sugar calla lilies, stargazer lilies, and sculpted cake toppers of the happy couple, so keep an eye out because I’ll be posting my work on that soon!

But in the meantime… Here’s things I’ve been busy baking…

CInnamon buns… These swirls of spiced deliciousness smell so good while baking… I wish I could eat all of them to myself. A simple drizzled glaze came later, I didn’t want to smush the drizzle in transport.

Macarons… These guys are very popular. I’ve been working on them for about 2 years now and to get them right is my biggest baking challenge to date! But when they’re right, the texture is so delicate in the center with a thin crisp shell, and whatever creamy filling one could dream of! I think there’s probably endless improvements that could be made on these… So I’ll continue to work on them.

I made chocolate ganache, raspberry preserve and lemon curd filled macarons. Very classic flavours… But always delicious when done correctly.

I made some simple meringues which were flecked with lemon zest here… and I also made another with strawberry preserves folded into them which tasted like cotton candy! Yum.

Last but not least…

Vanilla glazed scones. I also made cheddar and raisin recently which were both a hit. But as far as sweet scones go, these vanilla ones are pretty great!

That’s all for now, keep an eye out for lots of sugar flowers and that wedding cake coming up! (And a lot more baked goods too from the farmer’s market!)

-Finespun Cakes & Pastries