I decided to make a gingerbread house for the holidays.
Not only did I want it to look nice, it had to taste delicious too, so it’s packed full of molasses, ginger and spices. (Oh and it smells so yummy!)

So here it is, my ginger-townhouse.


First I carefully planned the dimensions of my house. This made it much easier for measuring and cutting each piece of gingerbread. It also made it much easier because I knew how much dough I needed (5kg).
After I baked all the pieces it looked like this…

I piped around each window using royal icing, and made the basic window pieces separately on parchment along with the wreaths and bows, then glued them once they’d dried.


I assembled everything on a piece of white foamcore, and attached all pieces (carefully!) with caramel. I can’t imagine having to hold it up with royal icing until each piece dried! The caramel made the process simple and quick.


Once it was all finished I packed on some sugar snow made of granulated sugar with enough water just to keep it together like packed snow. When it dries its a bit fragile but has the pretty sparkle of real snow!


I also piped swags on the roof as shingles, and added a tree I had piped using royal icing.

Here you can see a closeup of the shingles on two parts of the roof.

And finally the finished gingerbread house! Here it is.


That’s all for now! Happy Holidays!

-Finespun Cakes & Pastries