So the main flowers I made for the cake I blogged about yesterday were Calla Lilies and Stargazer Lilies.

These two were actually very fun to make!

I started off with the stamens for each (they need time to dry), creating them out of gumpaste on a wire.

I didn’t take a photo of the calla lily stamens before adding cornmeal as pollen, but the shape is still visible. I also added coloured pollen to the tops of the stargazer stamens to match what I’ve seen in photos… It’s almost like a rusty orange colour (I used petal dust to colour the cornmeal. You can see it’s originally a pale yellow colour which isn’t dark enough for even the calla lilies)

After those had dried, I created petals for each. I add the calla lily petal directly onto the stamens to allow them to dry.

The petals for the stargazers were created separately wired, then dried before dusting or assembling.

I then followed a photo for the placement of the petal dust, and also the little spots which were created with petal dust and vodka mixed into a thick paste.

And lastly I assembled them! Stamens, petals, and did some final dusting, then steamed to set.

More to come tomorrow! Creating and assembling the cake and buttercream. As well as adding fondant ribbon and all of the flowers to the cake.

Also, a Canada Day cake I created for 130 people with a fondant+gumpaste flag, and some gumpaste flowers.

-Finespun Cakes & Pastries