I made 160 petits fours for a garden party happening today.
They’re all pastels to go with the theme, and each is made with my pound cake recipe and filled with either raspberry preserve, apricot preserve, lemon filling or chocolate ganache.

They’re topped with poured fondant which I made myself by cooking sugar to 115C and cooling it to 60C, then whipping it in my stand mixer which crystallizes the sugar to create a translucent paste to cover each petit four.

I wish I had taken more photos but I was busy baking, filling and dipping these little guys.

So my photos are post-dipping. Here they are!

Next I made little flowers out of gumpaste for decoration to complement my royal icing piping.

And lastly here are my finished petits fours! I used my favourite PME piping tips to decorate with matching royal icing. I also put them each in little mini cupcake cups for easier handling.

And that’s it! These were a bit time consuming, but really cute in the end so it was worth it (and really tasty and moist too!)

-Finespun Cakes & Pastries