I just finished a cake for a lovely couple!

Their colours were pink and yellow, plus some details in a deep purple.
The filling was salted caramel buttercream, and a dense chocolate cake was used.

For the gumpaste flowers I made yellow calla lilies, pink stargazer lilies, some leaves and small yellow filler flowers.

As a topper I made 2 little characters inspired by Sonny Angels, as requested by the couple.

So here it is!

I’ll start with the characters.

So first I shaped the heads out of a mix of gumpaste and fondant, and allowed them to dry (they look a little creepy without the eyes painted in!) I just used my gumpaste tools, and mostly my fingers to shape the faces (I used lots of shortening to keep them from drying out, and to smooth out the features too)

Next, I painted in the eyes and features to make them look more realistic (sorry the photos a little dark). I used Americolor black food colour paste and watered it down slightly with vodka… And a very very thin brush!

For the bodies, I carved a styrofoam base, and covered them in a fondant/gumpaste mix.

For the wedding dress, I kept it simple and just added a bit of texture at the top, and also a bit of ruffle at the bottom of the skirt.

For the tuxedo, I had to make different pieces in order to create the jacket, pants, shirt and bowtie. I ended up free handing all the cutting to fit my figure, and just referenced a photo to get the basic proportions of the tuxedo.

Here’s the base of the tuxedo, plus the dress completed.

And here’s all the final detailing complete on the cake! I added some blush and lipstick, a cheesecloth veil, a hat, and bowtie which I painted.

Lots more to come for this cake! Gumpaste flowers, swiss dot piping, fondant, and of course the cake and buttercream.

-Finespun Cakes & Pastries