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Take your cakes from amateur to professional with my 

Essential Resource List.

After giving lots of tools a chance, I’ve compiled my absolute favourite tried-and-tested products here for you.

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Decorating Essentials

The Best Gumpaste Recipe
Wire Cutters/Needlenose Pliers
Exacto knife
Small rolling pin
JEM veining tool
Ball tools
Small Scissors
Ateco Modeling Tool Set
CelPin XL
Bamboo Skewers
Decorating Tweezers
Pelican Case to keep my tools safely stored
Silicone placemat for worktable (optional but highly recommended)
Styrofoam block for holding your flowers
Drying rack
Foam Pad (for thinning and veining petals)
Teardrop Cutters (you can use these for so many flowers)
Plastic wrap (to cover petals as you work)
Damp Towel (to cover petals as you work)
Gum glue (1/8tsp CMC mixed with boiled and cooled water
shaken in a bottle with brush– keep refrigerated)
Kitchenaid with pasta roller attachment or manual pasta
(optional but if you plan on making lots of flowers it’s a must-have)

Groove Board (for wired petals)
Hot Glue Gun (to attach styrofoam balls to wire)
Styrofoam Balls in Assorted Sizes (for flower centres- from the dollar store)
Green Wires-18 Gauge, 22 Gauge, 24 Gauge, 26 Gauge, 30 Gauge
White Wires- 18 Gauge, 22 Gauge, 24 Gauge, 26 Gauge, 30 Gauge
Floral Tapes- Nile Green, Moss Green, Forest Green, Brown, White

Floral Tape Cutter
3” Petal Former (large flower mold)
Egg Former- Small, Medium (small flower mold)
Bumpy Foam
Plastic Soup Spoons (rose petal mold)
Stamens- Micro, Medium, Large (depending on flower)
Cotton Thread- Assorted Colours (depending on the stamens you’re making)

Modern Sugar Flowers- Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (any level flowers)
Professional Cake Decorating (multipurpose book, all cake decorating)
Ultimate Collection of Cake Decorating
Sugar Flower Skills
The Kew Book of Sugar Flowers (intermediate sugar flowers)
Flower Color Guide (flower reference book)
Flower Recipe Book (flower arrangement reference book)

Cake-Making Essentials

Cast Iron Turntable (couldn’t live without!)
White Fondant for drier climates (also great for beginners)
White Fondant for humid climates 
Coloured Fondant
Fondant Smoothers- Rounded Edge, Squared Edge
Paring Knife
Scriber Needle Tool
Large Fondant Rolling Pin

Additional Decorating Tools:
Multi-Ribbon Tool (perfect for ribbon borders)
Clay Extruder (for delicate fondant details)
Round Cutter Set

Admin Essentials

Dubsado (get 20% off with code finespun20 !)- Absolutely the best organizational tool for intake forms, contracts, and automated emails. A must-have for my business.

G Suite (get 20% off your first year using code M7ETLCDJLPGUUT9 for Basic Plan or KDDTXVMMGR6CCM9 for Business Plan)- Get your professional email address .

Put your new tools to work.

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